Good News! The Donation plan of Japanese Macaques to Uruguay Decided to Cancel!!


On August 25, Oita City announced the cancellation of the plan to capture wild Japanese macaques living in Mt. Takasaki and donate them to a zoo in Uruguay!

Press release on the cancellation of Oita City(Japanese)

The City said that the reason for the cancellation was that the Uruguayan side refused the donation of monkeys.
It was disappointment that Oita City did not decide to cancel the donation plan on its own in consideration of the monkeys, but it is possible to avoid the sacrifice of the monkeys, and JAVA welcomes this result.

In addition to requesting Oita City to cancel the donation plan, JAVA also requested the Governor of Durazno Department, Uruguay and the Ambassador of Uruguay to Japan not to accept the monkeys.
Regarding the donation issue, not only from within Japan, but also from overseas, a lot of opposition reached Oita City, the Embassy of Uruguay, and the Governor of Durazno Department.

Thanks to everyone’s cooperation, the monkeys of Mt. Takasaki will be able to continue to live there without being separated from their families and friends, being kept in the cargo hold of an airplane for long hours and confined to a zoo in distant foreign country.

We are really thankful to you!

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