Oita City replied to JAVA that it would make the donation of Japanese macaques
We ask for further protests from all of you!


In May, JAVA requested Oita City to “completely withdraw the plan to donate Japanese macaques to Uruguay” and Oita Prefecture to “not permit the capture of Japanese macaques to be donated to Uruguay”. At the end of July, we received the following response documents from each of them.

Oita City:
Regarding the donation of Japanese macaques, we plan to donate in compliance with domestic and foreign laws and standards.

Oita Prefecture:
To capture Japanese macaques in Oita Prefecture, permission from Oita Prefecture must be obtained based on the “Wildlife Protection and Hunting Management Law”. When we receive an application for a permit, we will make an appropriate decision based on laws and regulations.

Oita Prefecture is in the position to decide whether or not to issue a permit after examining if there is a capture application. Unless the application is against the law, there is no choice but to issue permission, and we think that Oita Prefecture had no way but to give such an answer.
On the other hand Oita City is the author that made the donation plan, so they can decide to withdraw the plan.
It says “in compliance with domestic and foreign laws and standards”, but if it does not comply with laws and standards, it is a violation, and of course it cannot be done.

JAVA is not saying that the donation is against the law etc. However, whether it is legal or not, it is extremely cruel because it causes the monkeys pain, fear and stress by “separating them from their families and groups” “trapping them in cages for long periods of time for capture and inspection” “putting them in small cages and subjecting them to 30 hours of harsh air transportation” and “depriving them of their freedom and keeping them in a zoo”. Therefore, we are demanding a withdrawal that the donation should not be made.
Other than that, there are also disadvantages such as using a large amount of taxpayers’ money and damaging the image of Oita City by the anachronistic donation to the zoo.

Oita City did not express any opinion in response to such points made by JAVA, and insisted on making the donation.
It is possible to withdraw the donation plan even now because the capture has not been done yet. JAVA will continue to strongly urge Oita City to stop the plan.
Please continue sending your voices to Oita City to “withdraw the monkey donation plan” as often as you like.

Mayor of Oita City, Mr.Kiichiro Sato
2-31 Niagemachi, Oita City, Oita Pref. 870-8504 Japan
Public Relations Division Email Address : kochokoho@city.oita.oita.jp

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